Frequently Asked Questions?

What stands you out from everyday school and other such avenues?

Rather than teach, we ensure that learning takes place, usually in a variety of ways; like our slogan, we re-define the learning process by bringing exciting approaches to learning. Participants are exposed to a host of different things like brain fitness activities, life coaching sessions, break-out/interactive sessions, contests, exciting rewards system, use of audio-visuals and of course to keep them refreshed throughout the event; tea break and lunch!

Are you really qualified to teach my student?

Yes! The Brainy staff is a fully qualified and passionate group of people. Our team of educational and child psychologists, medical professionals, motivational speakers, behavioral therapists, counselors and sport coaches are always available to ensure guaranteed customer satisfaction and indeed a worthwhile experience.

How old do students have to be to participate?

We accept students of all ages. Rather than basing our programs on age or class alone, the division is usually based on a combination of these and the results of our entry assessment. This usually results in having different ages/classes in the same class. This classification, very unlike the school system, we have noticed helps them with their emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills. Like in work-life, they begin to learn how to cope in such a diverse environment.

How much do these progams cost?

Each program has its individual price. Please refer to information on specific programs for further details. If you have any questions or concerns regarding pricing, please contact the office (contact information is located to the right).

Where are your programs held?

Programs are held at various venues throughout Lagos and other states. Please check each individual program for specific information on location. Additionally, some of our counseling and training events are held in our Lagos office at 25, Adeniran Ogunsanya street, Surulere Lagos, Nigeria

How can I support Brainy Educare?

Thank you for your interest! Please contact us to discuss ways you can get involved/contribute.


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