Past Events

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Brainy Educare has a long record of successful programs and events that we’ve put on. Please read below for more detailed information on the following programs we’ve completed:

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Wonders with Numbers (WWN)- a Maths mastery clinic, is an annual 1 week program usually in April; organised by Brainy Educare Services aimed at demystifying Mathematics and the fear usually associated with the subject by students at all levels.

Through the program, we hope to change the mind set of these students alongside helping them to learn basic foundations required in solving Mathematical problems such as simple Mathematical operations and applications upon which more knowledge can be built.

Helping these students to understand the importance of this subject is paramount especially in today’s world where one’s critical thinking, and processing speed skill is deemed an added advantage, hence, the program.


Scribes & Orators is an annual five-day program usually in December; organized by Brainy Educare Services, Lagos, aimed at honing the communication skills of young individuals especially in the art of writing and public speaking. Through this program, we hope to sharpen the oratorical abilities as well as writing prowess of children and teens; grooming them to become distinguished leaders and competent communicators in the nearest future.

Helping children to overcome this pandemic fear of public speaking and writing from a young age is of paramount importance, especially in today’s world where proper communication skills has been identified as a KEY SUCCESS FACTOR; hence, the program.


    • Several Counseling clinics for kids and teenagers in need of educational, personal, social and emotional modification
    • A one-day teachers training seminar on helping students to learn and understand Mathematics across over 15 schools in Abuja
    • Several Self Development workshops for students between the ages of 8-18years in schools and communities
    • Selective Academic Coaching (BESAC) for students with academic challenges; Individual and group
    • A support group for a community based empowerment program on SEX EDUCATION for public secondary schools in a local government area of Lagos State, Nigeria
    • A Support group for United for Kids Initiative UKF, a non-governmental organization
    • A Support group for Book Reign Initiative, Abuja
    • A support group for African Resourceful Leaders( ARL), a non-governmental organization

and many more….