School Support

School Support

General School Consulting

Our General School Consulting is meant to aid teachers and administrators in approaching classroom development from a holistic approach. We offer a number of services to ensure that your schools and classrooms are up to standards necessary for a comfortable learning environment. Contact us  

Teacher’s Training

Our exceptional facilities and outstanding facilitators have produced highly successful programs; Our hands on and interactive approach driven by motivated instructors bring to participants a new twist and excitement to teaching. Participants undoubtedly leave with a wealthy exposure, new experience and information including the complete workshop handout. Contact us  


The evaluation process will involve an assessment of the present state of the school, progress, and achievements so far, challenges presently faced by the school (if any) or envisaged in the near future. This will equip us with appropriate information to do strategic planning and development to meet the specific needs of the school, the teachers and the students.

This will involve a visit to the school, distribution of questionnaires, interviews and observation schedules, there may also be a need to contact parents. 

There will also be a need to assess the current school curriculum and enhance such with life skills as well as character education.

Quality Assurance Audit

The audit will involve a one-term monitoring and quality control process, whereby our organization will on a monthly basis follow up on the school’s progress. 

  • Child Care/School Establishment and Management 
  • Staff Recruitment, 
  • Training, and Development