Parenting Summit

The rapid transformation of the world today into a global village has led to a high degree of socio-cultural integration which has exposed our children to a wide range of things, some beneficial and some not too pleasant.

Our kids now live in a make-believe world where life is painted to be a bed of roses and that one gets all that he wants. This invariably makes our children vulnerable to tough times. They result to threatening their parents with suicide and its likes when their demands are not met. It induces them towards vices, all because they believe life is meant to be a smooth ride, against the true reality that life is full of ups and downs.

ThisSummit was borne out of our realisation of the need for responsible parenthood. This has been necessitated by the increasing level of moral decadence and mental health concerns among the Nigerian youth which has largely been identified with actions and inactions of parents. We seek to help reawaken parents from the slumber to live up to their responsibilities as parents.