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Our Unique Approach

Imagine a world where everyone has the opportunity to lean in the varying desirable ways peculiar to each of them; a world that truly acknowledges that everyone has the potential to exceed expectations. Such a world is our dream at Brainy Educare Services! 

So we begin by teaching the growth mind-set as a major driver for success. When the mindset is right, amazing things begin to happen! This is our unique approach at Brainy Educare. We understand that while it is important to teach core skills, it is also important and possible to coach for great attitude and improve the mindset. When the motivation for lifelong learning is met by the exposure of the brain to training; learning, unlearning and relearning, change becomes possible and in fact a success.


To revolutionize education by providing learning connections that seek to improve overall performance of learners at all levels in order to impact positively on the world.


We envision producing young individuals, who having fully discovered themselves; their strengths and weaknesses, can shape the future.

Our Values

  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Excellent service delivery

Here to motivate you for life long learning 

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Our People

We leverage on our wealth of experience, passionate, inspiration and undeviating urge for positive change. Our team of Educational and Management Consultants, Child and Counselling Psychologists, Career/Youth Impact Coaches and Researchers are working fervently hard to create educational connections to reality that are far from the imaginary platitudes of academia and to ensure that high quality education is restored in our world; starting from Nigeria.

Eniola Oajobi


Kunbi Adefule

Director of Project and Research

Fatai Olajobi

Director Of Learning

Adetutu Ogunjobi


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