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We explore result-driven approaches to teacher development. With BETTI, you can’t possibly go wrong.

Welcome to Brainy Educare Teacher Training Institute

The world of education relies massively on the effectiveness of educators. Brainy Educare is committed to redefining learning, and one sure way of doing that is by redefining educators!

BETTI is a distinct teacher training institution that offers a wide range of courses on salient topics in the education fields. The institute is created to equip all educators – teachers, school owners, school admins, preschool educators, etc – with the skills required to birth a revolutionary style to teaching and learning.

We Don’t “Just” Train Teachers. We Groom Leaders

We explore an holistic approach to teacher development, which puts our teachers in a position of leadership wherever they are. 

Every aspect of our training is aimed at developing the important aspect of a great educator. We instill the growth mindset, drive, and attitudes required for a smooth teaching career, while also equipping them with necessary hard skills.

Discover Education in its Purest Form, From the Best Trainers

Our faculty consists of leading trainers, classroom experts, experienced school leaders, educational psychologists, and child psychologists with years of expertise in the field of education and teacher development.

With a strong commitment to your growth, our trainers are driven by the passion for education and the compassion to see others develop.

For You. By You.

Each course has been created with your needs in mind. We want to create a world where education is redefined for everyone, where educators are able to cater to the differing needs of their students and give them the opportunity to exceed expectations. 

At Brainy Educare, we know it begins with YOU!

Browse through our catalog, find the course that’s right for you, and start learning today.

Our Programs

Administrative Officer Development Course (ADC)

As an admin, you play a very important role in the success of your school. This course is designed to enable you function at your best. 

It is an intensive training that consists of real-life scenarios, fieldwork exposure and practical steps on how to become a well-rounded Administrative Officer at your school. 

You will learn:

  • How to thrive and exceed expectations,
  • How to think creatively as an administrative officer,
  • How to develop new methods of executing your goals and 
  • How to take ownership of your role and duties.

Duration: 15 Hours Total

Course Fees (fees include certificate and course materials):

Teachers Development Course (TDC)

This course is for every educator and aspiring educator; we have designed this course to provide you with the skill set and knowledge base needed to improve at every level. We have put together up-to-date information and techniques that will elevate your teaching skills and give you the edge you need in today’s academic world. You will learn:

  • How to develop creative teaching styles
  • How to be efficient in the classroom
  • How to perform your duties optimally
  • The importance of Social and Emotional Wellness
  • Taking ownership of your school as a teacher
  • How to become a Teacher Leader

Duration: 10 Hours Total

Course Fees (fees include certificate and course materials): 

Preschool Educator Development Course (PEDC)

If you are a preschool educator or a prospective preschool educator, then this course is for you! We have designed this course to empower preschool educators with the core skills needed to excel at this level of education. The modules in this course have been extensively researched with an aim of enabling you meet the needs of preschoolers and giving them the foundation they require to thrive.

You will learn:

  • What makes 0-5 years the formative years
  • How to create your preschool classroom
  • How to implement positive discipline
  • The importance of playtime
  • How to identify signs of learning difficulties
  • How to build social and emotional competence in preschoolers

Duration: 12 Hours Total

Course Fees (fees include certificate and materials): 

School Leadership & Management Course (SLMC)

Are you a School Owner or School Manager? Are you thinking about starting your school? If so, then you know that this very important job requires the right knowledge, understanding, skill set and standards.

This course is designed to help equip you with the necessary prerequisites and fundamental knowledge that will enable you run an effective, purpose-driven and all-inclusive school.

Duration: 18 Hours Total

Course Fees (fees include certificate and course materials): 


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