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So we are all unhappy, actually enraged, by the stories of racism and rape that are currently making headlines. 
What nobody is asking is this; these perpetrators, how did such level of meanness grow in them? What was their childhood like? 
We adults have to stop focusing on the things of matter and shift our focus to the things that matter. 
From a young age, we focus on physical needs, then intellectual and  sometimes spiritual needs,  consistently neglecting emotional needs from the earliest years. 
We teach basic hygiene to kids, all focused on physical health, but allow their emotions to grow rusty!
When we begin to teach first aid too, the focus remains on physical health only! 
The average child is denied basic emotional needs from about the age of two when the tantrums start, some even before then! No emotional hygiene education not to talk of emotional first aid! 
The result of our actions is what we now see.  
Our parents may have been ‘uncivilized’ but we got a lot more emotional education than we are giving our kids. Where our parents failed, the community made up for it! Now, we don’t even have communities anymore! 


What People Have To Say

These “Self-affirmation cards” are good because they encourage you not to do bad things. Words like “I am intelligent, and I don’t take things that are not my own” are very enlightening words to stop doing wrong things.

Then the other “Beating digital addiction cards” are also nice because they teach that technology is good but can also, be a huge distraction and advise on how to handle that.

I also love the books in the pack which are also helpful. It is just like the books are empathizing with me. I really love the books. I and my brother were reading the “Yes I can book”, and there was a part where the book encourages us to draw something every day. My younger brother started drawing smiley faces, which was funny.

We really enjoy the books and motivational cards and I recommend them for every kid.

Joshua Agboola

Programmer, Speaker and Future Skills Activist. Founder Joshfortech


Life Kit for kids

For Ages 3-10
  • 80 Page Journal
  • 30 Affirmation Flash Cards
  • Gratitude Challenge
  • Helpfulness Quest
  • Guided Meditation For Children
  • Self Help Guide for managing feelings, exercise, chores and healthy eating.

Life Kit for Tween & Teens

For Ages 11-17
  • 80 Page Journal
  • 30 Affirmation Flash Cards
  • Teenage Bliss and Blues
  • Activity Tracker
  • Self Help Guide On Meditation
  • Exercise, Healthy Eating and more.

Digital Addiction Detox Kit

For Age 8 up
  • 80 Page Journal
  • 30 Affirmation Flash Cards
  • Digital Addiction with step by step tips, including daily trackers and feelings manager.

How does it look on the inside?


Most frequent questions and answers
Each child is expected to fill and express his/her emotions in the journal. Progress can be well-tracked if it’s only used by one person.
But now we have the economy pack. Check the next card to read more about it.

Your children would have to share most of the resources that don’t need to be filled or written on daily since there’s only one of each in the economic pack.

If you prefer them to have all individual resources still you can get two packs but we created the economic pack due to requests from parents that couldn’t afford it.

The kits come with a self help guide that helps you find your way through the journal and to make the best of it.

There’s a productive level scale in the journal to check progress and a periodic addiction test is available  on www.brainyeducare.com as well. 

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No it’s not free, you have to pay a token for delivery and the exact cost depends on location. Otherwise our central pick up point is Surulere. 
No there isn’t. It’s a general meditation model to help children increase mindfulness (focus and attention)

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