The world awaits your words!

A 4-day Intensive Coaching on Public Speaking & Creative Writing

₦ 20,000

20th – 23rd of December, 2021

PSSDC, MAgodo, Lagos

9 – 16 years

Do you want your child to become proficient in writing and speaking? Scribes & Orators is the ideal program to achieve that.

Scribes & Orators is an annual program where kids learn to speak and write in exceptional ways. It is an intensive training led by experts, which produces competent writers and speakers.

For 10 years, Scribes & Orators has helped thousands of kids become better writers & speakers. This year, we would be helping kids Discover the Treasure in Words and we want your child to join us!

Over 10 years of Continuous Impact

For over 10 years, we have consistently trained kids from different parts of the world to become exceptionally skilled at writing and speaking. Our impacts have gone far and wide with hundreds of participants.

Effective communication is no longer an extra. It is a necessary ingredient for your child’s success.

Every child must be able to effectively express their opinions through speaking and writing.

To put your child in a position of influence and impact in the world, get them the communication skills they need through our annual public speaking and writing classes.

This year is your child’s opportunity to join us.

We do it differently

We don’t just teach the kids how to write and speak, we teach them to be great at it by employing unconventional approaches.

Our lessons are directed to improve their skills in a measurable way.

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Scribes and Orators 2023

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