How to make your child listen to you

~ Listen
When your child has anything to say, try to listen to them as often as possible. More importantly when you need to discuss something with them, ask them what they think or have to say as well.

~ Come to their level
You and your child have different needs and obligations so coming down to his /her level and relating in that way makes it easier for them to understand what you mean.

~ Don’t talk over a distance
When you have to correct your child, don’t shout from across the room. Instead call them or go closer to communicate your message.

~ Be calm
Its normal to get all mad and upset when your child does something absurd, instead of act out of anger, take a deep breath and you would have a much better and normal conversation (very hard but doable).

~ Make sure they understand
After passing your message, you need to ensure they actually understood all you said as following is much easier after comprehension.

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