7 Tips on how to manage your home as a working class mother

The alarm rings as early as 4am. You jump out of the bed as soon you hear the sound of the alarm. You wake the kids up , prepare their meals, prepare them for school, take care of the house before leaving for work. This is the typical routines of working mothers every morning.

The pressure of managing the home as a working mom can be so exhausting and draining. Being committed to work and family is an almost impossible task that working moms have to take on.

In our society today, if a mother is lagging behind in her responsibility as a wife/mother or in her workplace, she is easily called an irresponsible wife/mother or a lazy worker . Can a working mom have both a successful career and a fulfilling family life? It is absolutely possible.

Although, managing the home as well as being committed to work is tough, being able to balance both creates the possibility of having a fulfilling full time career while taking an active role as a mother.

These are 7 tips that could help you manage your home and make life easier for you as a working mum.

Don’t be affected by societal judgement

The sentimental conception regarding mothers in our society today can be so frustrating. Mothers are easily judged regarding their kids and sometimes the fathers are left out. Mothers are often judged for abandoning their kids when returning to work. Some women don’t have the option of being stay-at-home mums, while some chose to go back to work so that they do not give up on their careers. Regardless of the reasons they work, they should be appreciated and not looked down upon. If you feel judged about being a working class mum, it’s time to let it go. Think of the aspect(s) in which this job has affected your family positively, and appreciate your effort. Be confident that you are making the best choice for your family, including yourself, and your child(ren) will feel the extent of your love and understand your sacrifice.

Find a trusted child care services.

Taking care of your child or being present for your child while at work is nearly impossible. Find a trusted child care services which you can entrust your child to. Remember, your peace of mind Is very crucial in this decision. Entrust your child with someone your mind is peaceful with. Knowing that your child is cared for will make you have a peaceful mind at work and go on with the day’s work without worrying .

Avoid distractions at Work and at Home

At work, be careful of the time you are spending socializing with co-workers. Do the day’s work diligently without distractions. Focus on what you are asked to do and get the most out of your work time. Avoid continuing office work at home and make sure you finish up before leaving work. When at home, focus on your partner and your child(ren) rather than your phone or the TV to ensure that the time spent together is meaningful and intentional.

Create special and meaningful activities

Always create meaningful memories with your family. Make sure the time you spend with your family always counts by planning activities that everyone enjoys and always looks forward to. Ask for ideas from your kids and let them get involved in deciding where to go or what to do. Creating this special and meaningful activities will make you and your family more connected and also help create meaningful conversations.

Don’t let your family feel the impact of your work negatively

Whatever the reason you decide to work, make sure your family doesn’t feel any negative impact of your work. The way your job seems important to you, your family must also be a priority. Always be there for them and support them. Don’t make your work be an excuse for whatever reason. Your family is number 1, and they should always be first In all your decisions.
Don’t bring the frustration of your work home or take it out on your family. Let anything that happens at work, stay at work. When you get home, it’s you and your family. Perform your duty as a wife and mother without distractions

Lower Your expectations

When you lower your expectations, you will find a lot of the unnecessary stress can be eliminated. As a mom, don’t expect to be perfect every time. Every day can’t look so perfect, don’t overstress yourself. Give yourself time to breathe and enjoy the days of imperfections, don’t beat yourself up.

Make time for yourself

Out of 365 days in a year, making some time out for yourself isn’t a bad idea. Finding time for yourself is crucial in maintaining inner peace and balance within the hectic environments of work and home life. Moms have a bad habit of putting their own needs last in order to take care of everyone else first. But if you aren’t taking care of yourself, how can you expect to take care of anyone else well?
Find time on a regular basis to just take some ‘you time’ and do some activities that allow you to relax and recharge. Some ideas include: meditation, yoga, exercise, reading, writing, catching up with a friend, or pampering yourself.
As exhausting as managing the home as a working class mom is, you can achieve great things and be happy if you learn how to balance both sides well.

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