The Only Candle


When there comes the day that eagles will soar.
When the eyes that wept will heal from the sore.
When the rivers that ceased will resume the flow.
When humanity will finally be saved from its claws.

That day when it comes we’ll be out of the storms.
The sun will shine bright and our fears will be gone.
The fields will be busy and happiness will don.
That day when it comes our maps will be redrawn.

Today, hope is the only candle.
But with that, we would light every other mantle.
We will hold our torches at a million handles.
And march forth as a whole, in undisputed bundle.

Together we will sail through the waves that have crushed.
The sea will get rough, but we’ll together be tough.
We’ll withstand the turbulence without being disturbed.
And at the end, the only candle, will be brought to our doors

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