Here’s Why Most Children Become Unsuccessful

Adebola Peters, a 27-year old graduate, finds himself in the psychiatrist’s office for the fourth time in the week. It’s been 5 years since he graduated from university, but he’s still unable to set a good direction for his life. As a result, he is suffering from chronic depression that has made his life even more miserable.

How does a person get to such extreme point in life? Is it just fate, or is there more to it? The answers to these questions are fundamental and very much within our control.

Oftentimes, we believe that individuals that end up in such a state have not done what they should have done, there’s something wrong with them, they are just unlucky or they are even cursed!

The hard truth, however, is that there are many causes of mental health problems and this includes drastic life changes and other traumatic experiences.

The extent to which an individual will respond to these triggers will however depend on the extent to which some basic childhood foundational blocks have been built.

3 Essential Responsibilities of Parents

Parents have the responsibility to equip children with three basic properties:

  1. Growth mindset
  2. High self-esteem
  3. Resilience

These properties play a major role in shaping how the future of children will be. 

A kid equipped with a growth mindset from childhood will understand that regardless of the situation, there’s always a way to do things better. With this mindset, kids will have a strong conviction that they, and not life happenings, have control over how their life is shaped.

A kid who has been trained to have a  high self-esteem will learn to have confidence in his/her ability to set goals and achieve these goals. Even when the situation is tense, that kid will not lose trust in his/her ability to set things right.

A kid who has been groomed to become resilient will grow up to become someone who thrive at the face of challenges. Such a kid will not be derailed by whatever affliction that hits, but will even use it as an opportunity to grow.


But when parents are not able to groom their children with these basic skills, what we see are cases like that of Adebola Peters (mentioned in the story above) and many others who continue to live their lives as underachievers or unhappy people.

As much as many parents would love to equip their children for life’s journey ahead, many of us don’t know how to instill these lessons into our children.

Sometimes, while trying to help them learn, we do the exact opposite.

Parents need help, because in no way are these principles easy to teach. They require well directed efforts in order to ensure proper learning. Parents should therefore  make conscious effort to get better at parenting.

We believe that every kid should be equipped to take control of their future, and that’s why we have combined some of the  principles of greatness we have taught for 10 years in the Life Kits.

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