The Infinite Life: Building a Life Legacy

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Life, an Infinite Game with every living human being as players. Life, an Infinite Game with players forever changing.

Life? An Infinite Game?  You might think

Imagine life as SPORTS in general. Now, imagine various fields of life (say parenting, business, leadership, education, etc) as different sports (for example, football, basketball, baseball, etc).

The differences between sports and this game called Life are quite significant and as such, they should be treated differently. One difference is that unlike sports where you have two choices (whether or not to play and how to play it), you have only one choice to make (how to play it). Once born, you have been put directly on the playing field of the game (Life) and the only choice you get to make is how you are going to play.

Another very significant difference is that one player can play in multiple sports. A man could be a married father who is a doctor and a business owner. In this situation, he’ll be a player in sports (fields of life) like business, family, parenting, health, etc. Also, there is no limit to the number of players in a certain sport (field of life). Anyone can join any sport at any time.

It is also important to note that though your life is finite but LIFE in general is infinite. After each of us, there would be others who will come and play on that same field that we are currently playing. Wow! I know right?

Most people do not think of life in this way and that’s why most of us players in this infinite game have a finite mindset. How does one develop an Infinite Mindset? How does one become a top player in different fields of life? What does the Infinite Life entail? How we instill this mindset in children?

These are questions most people will have. Childhood is the best period to expose people to different mindsets and view of life. Expose your child to the right mindset now so that he/she may be empowered to live a well fulfilled life. There is no better way to do that in the world right now than registering your child for LTR November.

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