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“Do I hear some talking while eating?” was the question my seven (7) year old son asked me as I conversed with someone over lunch on my dinning. Sounds rude, right? Well, it doesn’t to me.

He has heard me overtime teach the “don’t talk while eating rule” and now I am doing the very thing that negates the rule. This reminds me of the “Do what I say not what I do” rule that we hated while growing up.

In effective communication, what we do and how we do them is much more effective than what we say should be done. Words account for only seven percent (7%) of what is communicated.

Do your actions negate or disdain the values you profess? Could it be that the challenge you face in your relationships (business, marital, social etc) is a reflection of how you’re communicating what you communicate?

People and events will most likely bounce back to you or resonate with the energy, attitude and values they perceive from what you subconsciously exude. People want to see you be, in a way, what you ask them to do.

Be intentional. Don’t just say what you like because it feels good, first do what is right. Then, what you say will be more effective. Let your words be a trusted proof of your consistent character. #EvidenceBasedCommunication is one sure way to #WinAgain.

I believe you can, you will and you MUST #WinToday!

Impossible is nothing!

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