5 Ways to Keep Your Children Busy and Productive the COVID-19 Pandemic.

It’s easier for an adult to understand that we should stay indoors, but what about the energetic young ones?

How do you keep your children (especially teenagers) at home in prevention of the virus? Here are five (5) important things you need to do as a parent to help your kids stay safe at home:

1. Stay at home with them: It makes no sense telling your kids to stay indoors while you’re constantly moving in and out.🧐 Remember, children will do what they see you do.👦🏾

2. Have more casual family discussions: Utilize the opportunity to strengthen your family bond💝. Engage your kids in casual discussions, laugh with them and listen to them.

3. Create engaging activities: Instead of allowing them spend all of their time on Netflix and mobile phones❌, help them grow by engaging them in indoor activities, quizzes, or games like Chess and Scrabble🧮.

4. Help them learn: Schools may be on lockdown, but YouTube isn’t! Books aren’t! Engage your kids in discovery by exploring new concepts and ideas both online and offline. Show them educative YouTube videos.

5.  Don’t scare them: You may think they don’t, but kids pick a lot from what parents say. Don’t create unnecessary panic by reading out random posts you find online.🗣 Help them understand that by taking the necessary precautions, the virus will be controlled.

Remember, stay safe, stay clear, and wash your hands.

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