Our Unique Services

Counselling and Therapy

We all have our bad days but some linger more than usual no matter how hard we try. As the popular saying goes “A problem shared is half solved”. Talk to a counselor today!!! Life, Family, Relationship, Personal, Business or any challenge at all

Academic Intervention

Intervention programs for groups or individuals are essential learning support tools for academic excellence and we understand this at Brainy Educare. With a wide range of learning styles, pace and abilities, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to excel.

School re-branding

Our school re-branding program is a full package for schools willing to take their game to the next level. This includes needs assessment, consulting, staff training and motivation, classroom decoration and so much more. We also offer setup services for new schools.

Who are we

Brainy Educare Services is an organization that provides guidance to all players in the education system. We work with students, families, schools, and other organizations to ensure that students are motivated for a lifelong learning experience and that their support networks have the updated tools necessary for encouraging the learning process.

We believe that the motivation to learn is an inborn potential in every child, but as they grow, it becomes a personality characteristic largely determined by their learning experiences.

Our Vision

We envision producing young individuals, who have fully discovered themselves; their strengths and weaknesses can shape the future.


Our Mission

To revolutionize education by providing learning connections that seek to improve overall performance of learners at all levels in order to  impact positively on the world.


Core Values




Excellence Service Delivery

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Do your kids struggle with self esteem, effective communication, good mannerism or networking off social media ?  Are you worried because you have you tried times and times again to help them develop these essential skills to little avail? Well look no further, Brainy Educare’s essential skills program’s got you.