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Are you an individual, corporate body, government or NGO that is passionate about reinventing education in our world?

Quick Services

Counselling and Therapy

We all have our bad days but some linger more than usual no matter how hard we try. What challenges are you facing? Personal, relationship, family?

Academic Intervention

With a wide range of learning styles, pace and abilities, we believe that every child and student deserves the opportunity to excel.​

School re-branding and Recruitment

How long have you been procrastinating about taking your school to the next level? Its time to do so now! The question is are you ready?

Some of our clients say ...

Thank you very much brainy for all your efforts, I remain grateful for what you did in my sons life. Now he's more equipped than ever to go back for the new term.
Parent of a 9-year Old Boy
It took attending more than one program to become tops but I'm glad I went back again and again. Brainy Educare changed my way of thinking!!!
Talhah Olajobi
Sudent, Unilorin
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