Parental-Overwhelm & How to Manage it (Part 1)

Are your children driving you nuts?
Do you feel like you’re almost at the edge?
‘Feel like screaming ? 😱

You’re definitely not alone!

You are experiencing a phenomenon called Parental-Overwhelm

Parental-Overwhelm is that feeling of helplessness that comes with too much or too little energy, making us feel stuck or like we have had a brain hijack!

It leaves us unable to solve parental challenges that we ordinarily can, we feel like or we actually go ahead to scream the children down!

Most parents experience this feeling occasionally but with the current global situation, we are more likely to experience parental-overwhelm…the panic, the uncertainty, everything add up to our stressors and as if those are not enough….the kids won’t stop being kids!

Feeling overwhelmed given the current global situation is very normal, and we are all in this together.

However, the consequences of feeling overwhelmed can outlive it. Such that even after the entire period is gone, we would have baggages we don’t want….😥
…some of these bagagges may cause lifetime impacts/damages which we don’t want.

So there is a need to check and deal with parental-overwhelm!

Written by: Eniola Olajobi

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