Parental-Overwhelm & How to Manage it (Part 2)

Tips to deal with Parental-Overwhelm During the Lockdown

1- Realise that we are all in this together. The global situation is laden with anxiety and uncertainty, so accept the situation and don’t think that you are stuck and alone.

2-Breathe…yes, breathe! Take a step back and look at everything with a new perspective. Clear your head and stop feeling so helpless. You have the capability to cope, every human DNA has been coded with the ability for adaptation!

3- With a clear head, do a lot of retrospection. Think about your parenting situation now, before now and in future. Envision how you want things to work out with your child(ren).

4- Map out a plan in blueprints. Your head retains better and your mind executes better when you put pen to paper. Don’t be too ambitious in your plan, be realistic.

5- Build an activity plan with the children. Remember that even if you are working from home, your children deserve to spend great time with you! The lockdown is luxury family-time that only happens once in a lifetime; seize it!

6-Realise that the children are probably overwhelmed too. So take it easy on them and don’t assume they are acting out to upset you. Acting out is the only way children can tell you they are stressed emotionally.

7- You’re not perfect; allow yourself to be vulnerable. It’s ok. Ask for help if you need it even if it’s from the children.

8- Embrace positivity. Watch what you hear, see or read. Also be careful of the type of conversations and interactions you have with people. With so much bad news flying around, you can’t afford to let down your guard. Stay positive!

9-Avoid social media addiction. With social media, it’s either you use it or you get to be used by it. Use it and with caution. Social media addiction is real. Research has shown that the more you use social media, the more vulnerable your mood gets!

10- Work on your mindset, change your perspective and begin to see a whole new world of opportunities!

Written by: Eniola Olajobi

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